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"Centenary Uniting Church" welcomes you to our website.

We value your contact, concerns or queries. Please click onto the 'contact us' icon on the left hand side menu, to either email or phone us at the office.  

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Our Mission Statement

The Centenary congregation seeks to be 'Good Neighbours' to one another and within the local community. We are committed to listening and to understanding the needs of those who, in a variety of ways, are part of our life.

When asked the question "who is my neighbour?" Jesus tells the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10). The question finds its answer as "the one who was kind to him", to which Jesus adds "You go then and do the same".

 Like the Samaritan, some of these are people of other cultures and other faiths. We are aware of being on a journey on which we are asked to become a place of safety, healing and hospitality for people of all kinds of backgrounds, and to discover God's word of grace.

Weekly Worship Services
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Sunday 9:30am. Children are always welcome.

(We have a "Sunday School" during the service time if children wish to attend.)  


****Christmas Eve Service on the 24th at 7pm****

****Christmas Service on the 25th at 9am****

 Office - 9683 5023,  or Email - centenarycommunity@gmail.com


Minister at Centenary Uniting, Parramatta -

My name is Barnabas (Bong Gun) KIM. I am the minister at Centenary Uniting Church in North Parramatta.
I was born in Korea in 1960, married Esther in 1983 and have two boys, Samuel 27, Moses 20.

I am an Asian middle-aged married male migrant minister in the Uniting Church in Australia. Growing up in Korea I experienced the cultures of Confucianism, Buddhism, Shamanism, and Christianity, all which have impacted on who I am.

I came to Australia in 1999 and have been living in Sydney since then, which means I am a Korean-Australian in this multi-cultural and multi-religious society. My identity as a Korean-Australian affects how I see things. It becomes a struggle to form a personal  identity but it is also a strength as it helps me relate to others from different cultural backgrounds and experiences.  Living in multicultural and multi-faith Australia, so different to Korea,  certainly has affected how I understand life’s meaning.

As a human being and minister, I am always contemplating the questions: “Who am I? What is the meaning of life? Who is God? What is the nature of the Church? What is the true meaning of religion?” And I have not found the exact answer, I have just begun to understand a little.

If you are interested in exploring these questions with me and others, you are welcome, whoever you are, to come along on a Sunday morning - worship services are  at 9am and 10:30am or give me a ring on 9683 5023  .....................................................................................................

Community and Family Worker at Centenary Uniting, Parramatta -

Hello! My name is Hee Won Chang and I have been working as a community worker for Centenary UC from June, 2013. The highlight of my job is to meet and talk to various people from diverse backgrounds through our Messy Playgroup and English classes. The sharing of stories and laughter is a humbling experience which allows me and the church to be part of peoples lives in a particular way.

I learn a great deal from these shared stories over a cuppa with the moms in playgroup and simple conversations from English classes and I believe everybody has a story to share, so if you have just moved into the neighbourhood or to this country and want to chat, please come by.   

We are also looking for volunteers for our playgroups and English classes so please contact me at:  centenarycommunity@gmail.com


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Play centre (Messy Playgroup):

TERM 1, 2015 starts on the 2nd of FEB (MON GROUP) and 4th of FEB (WED GROUP)

++++At the moment we do not have any available spots in playgroup.++++

However, if you want to be included in the waiting list please send an email to: centenarycommunity@gmail.com


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English Conversation Classes:

Term 1, 2015 starts on 3rd of FEB (TUE CLASS) and 5th of FEB (THUR CLASS).

You can join anytime so give us a ring or click on <English Classes> for more information.  


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